Thursday, August 20, 2009


"If you want to participate, to sponsor or support in any way the Australia-Honduras Solidarity Coalition, please come to our meeting next Tuesday September 22, at LASNET space Trades Hall basement, cnr Victoria and Lygon Sts, Carlton South, 6pm to 7:30PM..."

Due to different people and groups concerns about the situation in Honduras after 49 days of the military/oligarchy coup, action that the majority of the countries condemned , despite the international rejection of the coup, the violation of the fundamental human rights that until today are violated.

The defacto coup government and its military forces are increasing the violence against the resistance movements of the Honduran people, who are the only real obstacle standing in the way of the oligarchy's plans. The resistance against the coup is growing; the National resistance front, many grassroots organisations and indigenous groups are joining together in struggle to bring democracy, justice and peace to this poor and violated country in Central America.

Through all the different activities and calls made by the Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) in support Honduran struggle and the many request sent from e-mails, discussed in meetings and phones calls to organise a real campaign denouncing this outraged situation; denouncing that people are persecuted, disappeared, incarcerated and killed, already more than 10 letters had been sent...we need to do something more.

After the last rally at federation square (August 15) we decided to build the Australia-Honduras Solidarity Coalition which will be an inclusive action group in support of Honduras people until the resistance movement in Honduras achieve to stop Micheletti’s dictatorship and to re-instate Zelaya’s constitutional and democratic president. LASNET will share all their resources and will collaborate fully with its resources in this coalition.
Our main tasks will be:

- To set up an Australian commission (unionist, churches, political and social organisations, etc) to visit Honduras as a human rights observers and concerns citizens.

-To organise a visit to Australia of a leader from the resistance movement in Honduras

-To rise funds to support the grassroots popular and indigenous organisations at the front of the battle against the coup.

-To create awareness and disseminate information about Honduras situation

The decision to initiate the solidarity coalition came after reading the call letter from Via Campesina (a coalition of various grassroots groups in Honduras) which states
"Yesterday, we spoke with Rafael Alegria from Via Campesina in Honduras who told us that during the night of August 11th after the day of mobilizations, at about 11:30 pm, the Via Campesina centre was riddled with bullets fired by men who pulled up in front of the centre in a civilian SUV. No one was injured, but the message is clear. Via Campesina is another organization that has offered its offices as an organizing centre and shelter and Rafael Alegria has been detained and released and now has another threat of detention against him."

So we cannot just sit on the fence, writing great statements or sending e-mails after seeing all the injustice and violence against the people, this situation is not new in Latin America, Asia, the pacific and even in Australia, people like us and you and your are facing this injustices.

Today, trade unions/workers, indigenous people, students, political parties, civil social movements, grassroots community organisations, environmentalist, are under attack,
We need the support from all the Australian society, to help in some way to stop the silence and say something about the dark times happening in Honduras...Australian civil society has something to say...

Everyone, starting from the social organisations to the people in the streets who don’t belong to any organisation, is calling for international solidarity to send to Honduras their aid and help in any way possible. They have been in the struggle for more than 45 days and need all of our help to continue.

Can you imagine if the same situation described in Honduras had happened in Israel, or any other country protected by the U.S, do you think U.S.A. response will be the same?...of course not, for sure all the U.S Navy will be protecting all the U.S citizens and their economic interest, probably already Tegucigalpa Honduras capital city, will be bombarded by U.S Army and the news will talk about the casualties..Don’t you think?

If you want to participate, to sponsor or support in any way the Australia-Honduras Solidarity Coalition, please come to our meeting next Tuesday September 22, at LASNET space, Trades Hall basement, cnr Victoria and Lygon Sts, Carlton South, 6pm to 7:30PM...

Is time to act...everyone are welcome not distinction of colour, race, political party affiliation, organisation, etc...Only people with Great Spirit of solidarity, justice and dignity...

To confirm participation, to send and share ideas, or any other query please write to: