Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fast for Honduras

Today marked the beginning of the international Fast for Honduras.

Timed to coincide with Honduras' independence day, this fast has been called by the Resistance Front against the Military Coupe in Honduras, and includes participants in 18 different countries worldwide. It is calling for the return of the democratically elected Manuel Zelaya, the establishment of a National Constituent Assembly, for all perpetrators of human rights violations associated with the coup to be brought to justice, and the withdrawal of North American military bases from Honduras.

I feel proud to take part in the fast in solidarity with the resistance front, have taken water only since 12 midnight last night, and plan to break my fast at midnight tonight. I believe that every people has the right to decide who leads them, and how their lad is governed.

At 2PM this afternoon, I gathered with three companeros from the Australian Latin America Solidarity network (LASNET) outside St. Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne to hold a short vigil (pictured).

I hope that our support will give spirit and inspiration to the brave men and women who are continuing the struggle against the illegal military coup in Honduras. Anyone who wishes to join the fast in solidarity can do so by contacting the organizers at hondurasayuno@gmail.com

By Paul Connor, 15/9/9

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