Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please take actions in solidarity quickly - Emergency state Mass repression here in Honduras right now

Amig@s compañer@s please get involved urgently,

there is an emergency here in Honduras GETTING WORSE THAN BEFORE. In the curfew called yesterday that has been in place since (basically everybody threatened to stay at home if they want to stay alive) at least 2 ppl has been confirmed dead already and i read something about more than 2000 being retained. Including life bullets and a full army is out there some people had gone out to protest and what would happen to them who knows. There are people accompanying - trying to protect Mel Zelaya in the Brazilian Embassy- they stayed there last night, without any food or water. All of these people were exposed to teargas bomb this morning.

Please attend solidarity protests. Please organise one if there isnt one. Please write letters, Please talk with people. Make things better... -...- request the return of constitutional order, end of this militarisation, end of curfew, end of human rights abuses, restitution of president zelaya, request anything else necessary that i have forgotten about.hugs from Tegucigalpa, please read below for more info from me and from other sources, if you listen spanish log onto radio globo honduras i have spanish info i can forward to you too so long as they dont cut our emails pls write and ask

More info:
for radio broadcasting in spanish - look up Radio Globo Honduras

some notes from my own experience below - sorry i am not a journalist and non have I ever written a blog before..

Don´t know what is going on outside, many helicopters constantly.. turns out some people stayed at the embassy - i think i can here some marching of the people! Don´t know..I scribbled something last night but fell asleep..Today is a day full of ...what???
it started with,
rumours that Mel Zelaya (president thrown out of the country by the army illegally) is in Honduras,
once these rumours were confirmed and we heard he is in the UN building, we started to head over there in joy.
It was confusing but looking hopeful. People celebrating...yes it was possible – si, se pudo!
When the military came people screamed get out and they did. I thought it was all happening. Naïve?
In between this and something else I wanted food because today is not my one day a week of fast, and I was hungrryy.
What happened next was at 3.30pm people got the news that there is a curfew from 4pm, and everyone told everyone else.
Having hung out a lot at the Central Park because this is where our fasting site during the day is (we had a tent before before our permission was revoked because it was not just a fast but a fast against the coup.
But having hung out a lot here meant different people hung out with us. Including one 11 y.o. Boy who ran away from home just about 2 or 3 days ago because his brother beats him up and his mum does nothing about it.
We were worried where he would go because he can´t stay on the streets but he won´t go home. People get detained/killed/disappeared on the streets during curfews
Luckily one family accepted to take him home that night while he considers his future options though he really does not want to go to a home for kids because he says there the bigger kids beat up the smaller kids.
But so at 10 to 4pm I went to join a line for collectivo taxis. This line grew really long wihtin minutes. The traffic was BAD and moving much slower than walking people when it was moving and even when it was moving one taxi for 4 ppl came by every 5 minutes only. And about 50 taxis at least were needed for what it looked like. We can only hope everyone made it home safely, everyone who has a home.
Then later tonight the curfew was announced to be extended to include every daylight hour of tomorrow/tuesday, this had not happened in the curfews during the earlier emergency period when there were curfews.. as mentioned before anything cann happpen to anyone on the streets in a curfew, and probly anyone not on the streets who are targeted too.
Curfews are restrictions of movement and here it also means many unexplained deaths disappearances illegal detentions rape etc..
I don´t know where the power lies. And in fact along with curfew the airport will be closed tomorrow and a major UN representative (secretary I think) was meant to be arriving tomorrow.
So I don´t know where best to apply pressure and where the power lies. But some quick and effective and mass pressure may save lives!hugsRosie

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