Sunday, December 6, 2009

On 2 December the Honduran voted on the restitution or no of constitutional president Manuel Zelaya.

This day saw the city more militarised than usual with soldiers surrounding the vecinities of the Congress to prevent people from being close by to put pressure on the Congress. People protesting nearby were repressed with teargas, water cannons, and more illegal detentions. Afterall they want to make the decision without influence from their electorate, the same reason they don't want to have a National Constituent Assembly.

Large majority of the congress voted against the restitution of Zelaya. A large portion of Hondurans are very disillusioned with the congress who do not represent their will and interests.

It is very important that the international community stand with the Hondurans in their struggle for democracy, sovereighty and human rights and justice. If enough people express that this is unacceptable this cannot go on.

You CAN:
  • write letters to your politicians (prime minister, foreign minister, member of parliament), to UN (Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General), to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc asking for non-recognition of this illegal election, for return of constitutional order, punishment for perpetrators and intellectual authors of abuse
  • sign and distribute petitions
  • learn more about what is happening, talk to and let others know
  • organise you-tube screenings, forums, protests, vigils, marches with pots and pans and signs with messages,
  • have a group/organisation pass a resolution in support of Honduran people against the regime and the illegal elections
  • fundraise/donate to the resistance
  • Send messages of solidarity to the Honduran people - if you organise an activity or resolutions, forward a copy. You may be able to link up and work in solidarity with a group resisting in honduras, for example, if you are a unionist, there are unions in the resistance and union leaders who have been repressed and killed, if you are a teacher, young person, woman, etc.
  • Keep an eye out on urgent call outs for actions.
  • There are different levels of commitment - if you only have time to sign a petition please do at least that, collectively, it helps.
  • If you want to go to Honduras to accompany the resistance, have any ideas, etc, talk to someone about your ideas
  • Contact:

Some good sources of information in English:

(though the actions they suggest are aimed at US/Canadian citizens, it doesnt mean we can't do anything here. Australia can pass a resolution to not recognise Honduran election. Australia in our relations with US can pressure the US, we can ask our politicians to do this)

Google search for The Real News, and then for Honduras. There are some very good online videos here.

Democracy Now.

You Tube: Honduras: An election validated by blood and repression

We will try to post here summaries.

Y en espan~ol.... Radio Globo, , entre otros

Thanks for your attentions!!

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  1. Anyone who wants to get involved, let us know where you are what you'd like to do and we'll put you in touch with others :-)