Thursday, December 17, 2009

Press release from CODEH 11/12/09 The Forced Disappearances and Political Crimes Reapear

Author: CODEH. Translated: RW.

2. On 7 December this year in its course we had informed about the disappearances of these women: VILMA MARTINEZ, SONIA CASTILLO and 4 other persons; from the Human Rights Committee (CODEH) we clarify that Mrs Sonia Castillo, is not the disappeared person, there has been a confusion of names, the name of Sonia Castillo corresponds with that of Ada Marina Castillo, whom the actors of this criminal act were looking for.

The kidnappings or disappearances took place like this: On the Saturday 4 December at 3pm a blue coloured vehicle Tacoma with 5 people inside, arrived at the neighbourhood la Nueva Capital, the 5 people used balaclavas, uniforms of the DNIC (national Direction of Criminal Investigation), Galil gun and 9mm pistols; they came down and without showing a capture order they detained Mr SANTOS CORRALES GARCIA, who they took to an unknown direction; on Sunday 1am in the morning, another vehicle arrived (probably the same vehicle) at the house of the following people: VILMA YOLANDA MARTINEZ, SANDRA YAMILETH ORDONEZ, LUIS CARBALLO and ISIDRO BACA, whom they removed from their houses, in the process of which they put black bags over their heads to disorientate them, and they kept them in clandestine houses or supposed cells of police, in the interrogations they asked about Mrs ADA MARINA CASTILLO; Mrs Castillo is one of those who has held the responsibility for the storage where the resistance stores their supplies and above all the water for the marchers who have been keeping the resistance going.

On Wednesday, after the press release, they released to liberty Mrs VILMA YOLANDA MARTINEZ, SANDRA YAMILTH ORDONEZ and Mr LUIS CARBALLO, whom were dropped and abandoned at the exit of the nort of the capital of the Republic, with their hands and feet tied, as for Mr ISIDRO BACA they went to drop and abandon him on the outskirts of the Choluteca city almost 120 kims from the Capital of the Republic, where they were kidnapped, when they were released the capturers warned the released that they had 3 days to abandon the neighbourhood where they live of this country.

CODEH's efforts to guarantee the lives of all the disappeared persons did not obtain the fruits in its totality; regretably today the body of Mr SANTOS CORRALES GARCIA was found, in the community of Lepaterique, his body was without his head, and he was taken to the morgue like this, up to this moment his head has not been found.

From CODEH we consider that this horrendous crime adds to others that have happened, where the bodies showed signs of brutal torture such as cutting away of the tongue and the ears, we are of the judgement that this aggression, of low intensity, is orientated to construct fear, that those who lead these crimes are doing it mathematically calculated, with the silence of the Hierachy of the Catholic Church, a sector of the Protestants' hierachy, along wit the silence and the justification of the National Commission of the Human Rights. Days before from CODEH we announced the massacre, this has not stopped, what has changed is the method, since they could not do it at the electoral boxes they are doing it in silence and with systematic calculation.

It is necessary for the world to know what happens in Honduras, it is necessary for Mr OBAMA to do something to deserve his Nobel Peace Prize by denouncing to the world what happens in Honduras; how it is possible for the Truth Commission to speak of the systematic violation of human rights, when no country in the world speaks the truth about the war, this needs to end so that there will be peace and truth, in Honduras we will need to put an end to the military regime of Aggression, that today persecutes and assassinates us, so that we can start to dialogue about the truth, the truth of yesterday (80s) and the truth of today, given that those who acted with impunity yesterday are the same who are acting with impunity right now.

From CODEH we ask whoever that reads our writing: tell us what we could do? This is where they laugh at the cautionary measures by the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights, there must be some organism that could help us stop this horrendous crime which has as its goal to construct the collective terror, can somebody help us find who is supporting this terror regime? We ask for an investigation that can give us the base with which the world can know who is supporting this regime of death and impunity. But aggression against the humanity needs oto stop already.

Tegucigalpa Municipality of Central District, 11 December 2009
National director of the Executive Commission,
Human Rights, Committee, CODEH


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