Thursday, December 17, 2009

Report from CODEH, Honduras: Distressed Call

(translated RW)
We have received a call for help from Mrs DORA ALICIA PALMA, she is one of the coordinators of the Resistance in the neighbourhood Venezuela; she has reported to us that the police has visited her on different occasions, she lives just six blocks from the police station. Her voice sounded very distressed, as she commented to us that it has surprised her to see, in these last two days, the presence of strange men passing by in front of where she lives or close to her house, these men that she has never seen before. She has coordinated the resistance actions in her neighbourhood, and at the moment they had thirty-five persons in resistance, whereas a squad of army and police came, with an average of twenty each truckload, displaying their numbers to intimidate and spread fear and terror so that the people will begin to be scared. Today she calls us, since she considers the strange persons that are passing in front of the house look like they have malicious intentions, at this moment she has called us and tells us that there are two men near her house, that she is scared they will do something to her. From CODEH we have expressed in our previous press releases that the duty telephones of the Judicial power have stopped responding to appeals to take action to guarantee people's lives; in one encounter that the telephone was answered, 29 November at 1am, the guy who answered identified himself as a member of the Armed Forces and hung up, and from this moment onwards it has not been possible to present a recourse of Habeas Corpus in Honduras in the night time, the duty telephones of the unified courts are being controlled by the military. If You who are reading our writing knows of a mechanism before some international organism to protect the life and physical integrity of Mrs DORA ALICIA PALMA, please help us, CODEH with 29 years of experience in working for human rights we are feeling that we have exhausted all the possibilities under the framework of this military coup regime; we have presented requests/applications for cautionary measures before the International Commission of Human Rights and we have been surprised by the way they laugh when they realise that the Commission is requiring cautionary measures, how immense are the forces protecting them with impunity; those who are able to write to OBAMA as the nobel Peace prize winner, do it and tell him to investigate for us what forces are supporting this state of impunity in Honduras. Lastly, please guide us as to what we can do other than register cases and produce statistics, press conferences, go to the Department of Public Prosecutor with its coup supporting directors and those who are not coup supporters are terrified before the military aggression, while it remains this way they are killing us an constructing scenarios of fear and terror, we ask for help so that they don't continue assassinating our people for aspiring their right to think differently to the aggressors. Tegucigalpa Municipality of Centre District, 12 December 2009
National Director Executive Commission,
Lets struggle for the peace defending the human rights and the justice

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