Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some articles about latest cases of persecution translated to English.

Police capture and beat a child because he ran due to his fear of them. Wednesday, 9 December 2009 Dina Meza (translation R Wong)

6 agents of the Preventative Police Patrol detained the boy when he was having a cold drink.

6 police that arrived on motor bikes chased after 6 youths who began to run when they saw the motorized patrols arrive and felt fearful of their presence, as they tried to run away the police captured Bryan Alexis, a 13 year old - a police agent loaded and pointed a gun at him, while he ordered Bryan to throw himself onto the ground, on the Tuesday night, in an area in the capital city.

On the way, the agents also took with them a 17 year old youth for having been standing at a corner on the streets in the area, to whom they simply told, 'you walk with us also.'

It was about 7.15pm last night, Tuesday, when Bryan was with 4 friends having a cold drink and some bread at some steps in the Honduras neighbourhood, where they usually meet to chat and pass the time, as a part of their rights to have leisure, freedom of movement and association.

But their peace was interrupted when some 6 agents of preventative police, on motorcycles, arrived in this neighbourhood, the youths fled running out of the fear they felt at the sight of the police, this reaction caused by knowing that on the Sunday night 5 youths were executed, just a few blocks up from where they were hanging out, on that Sunday night, when 4 men dressed as military personnel arrived and killed the youth, according to their families' account.

"I began to run in fear and to arrive home, 2 agents followed me and when I rang the door bell of my house the agent loaded his gun and told me to throw myself on the ground, even though I did what he said he hit me on the back", said Bryan, still full of fear as he looks around his neighbourhood and can see the police.

According to his mother Sandra, she was attending to and combing the hair of a customer at the beauty salon 'when I heard the noise, lifted the curtain and saw my son thrown on the ground, when I went to the door I saw how a police took him by the shirt and arrested him. Frightened and shocked I asked for explanations about the capture, and I explained to them that I was his mother and that my son is a minor,' she said.

However, this was not important to the agents who took the youth almost dragging him, by tugging his shirt from behind, the mother's begging was nothing to them, "we will talk with you when we are at the Kennedy police station", recorded the boy's mother.

Out of fear and concern about the capture and the physical safety and consequences for Bryan, Sandra ran after the police and asked them in what transport they will take him in, and they called a police patrol to take him, when Sandra got into his vehicle with them a female police insulted her and told her to get off and walk, but her maternal courage defied this abuse of authority by the uniformed personnel and stayed in the patrol vehicle and went with her son to the police station.

"When I saw them stick him into the police cell I stressed to them that he was a minor and that they cannot detain him." They left him and the other youth on the corridor, and they left, thanks to the intervention of a neighbour (she is a lawyer).

The boy's mother lodged a complaint at the Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras, COFADEH, an organization that is presenting the same complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

In another article: It was also added that the youth has previously been detained by the police when he was sticking logos promoting the electoral boycott.

A relative of the victim: They want to terrorise the people with the execution of the youths. Wednesday, 9 December 2009, by Honduras in Resistance. (Translation, R Wong)

With the executions of the youths they want to terrorise the population, what they are giving out is rage, this will suddenly break down, we are a pacific people, we have had many deaths, it is a terror that they want to hit the country with, but the ones who die are from the marginalised neighbourhoods, said a relative of the youth Gabriel Parrales this Tuesday; Gabriel was one of the youths who was executed by armed men in the Honduran capital city.

This took place on Sunday night, when 6 persons (5 youths and 1 woman) were at a corner of the neighbourhood Villanueva, 4 armed men dressed in speckled clothes, arrived there and ordered everyone to throw themselves onto the ground after which they riddled them with bullets, at least 50 bullet shells of official arms were found dispersed here. See the case in this news.

On the day wakes were being held in different places for 3 of the executed youths, 2 of them in a church, Gabriel Parrales and Issac Enrique Coello had their wakes in a church in the Kennedy neighbourhood of Tegucigalpa, while outside 2 strangers with a camera watching the place and at who was arriving. There, the consternation and family and friends was very strongly felt, at the cemetary where the bodies were buried those family and friends were united in tears, "We are in a very regretable moment in our country Honduras. I can see they are hitting us with a repression, a terror", expressed a mourner.

The interviewed person who said he was very fearful and for this reason asked that no identifiable details that can be used by the assassins be recorded, expressed that "we cannot see a friendly government appearing, those who could have made this happen did not do it, they have left us to fend for ourselves, here there are israelis, there is a man called Billy Joya, who belonged to the 3-16, an assassin, now he is here in the capacity of an assistant, everyone knows this man, who belonged to the 3-16, who is a repressor.

When I asked him if all the victims went to the marches of the Resistance, he said yes they went, they had a right to be against something that is wrong, whether or not they belonged to the resistance is not a reason that they can use to kill them, because they have to care for their country, reclaim their rights and there are no reasons to kill them when they are out on the streets, unarmed, when they were assassinated none of them were armed.

He/she added that this type of violent act against the persons has as its primary objective to plant the seeds of terror in the country, "here only the poor die, in the neighbourhoods where the capitalists live over there, there is not a single case, unlike in the marginalised neighbourhoods, where this happens".

She/he asked the human rights organisms to investigate why most of the youths are dying and put as an example this weekend. There were 45 youths in the morge. About the police spokespersons' claim that these deaths were of revenge between enemies, he/she said that "if you ask me it is the military who did this, they have had a lot of practice, having made this their career."

Gabriel was bringing a motor for a small compressor, another came and parked the car, the other, Isaac, was going to cross the street, this was how they happened to be together, when they came with balaclavas, bullet-proof vests, and speckled military wear, and told them to lie down on the ground for a body search and they shot them with high powered guns, with 9mm pistols, this happened at 8.30pm at night.

When I asked her/him what reason the executors could have for what they did, he/she responded that it is to intimidate the people; if there were more people there we would have had more deaths, "and if my son went to the marches this was no reason to die".

She/he argued that those responsible for so many deaths in Honduras are seeking the reaction of terror, of fear, because they have never heard gunshots like this in this very quiet and peaceful neighbourhood, 'I don't know how far they will go with this situation.'

Meanwhile the relatives of Marco Vinicio Matute, who had his wake in the Villanueva neighbourhood, appeared extremely fearful. Out of this fear they did not want to discuss the case with the international journalists who arrived this morning, together with a delegate from Rights in Action, a human rights organisation based in Canada.

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